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Artificial Intelligence

Ask us how our AI tools can help you increase your patients scores

We are developing Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of nursing and patients hand in hand. Through our thoughtful use of relevant applications of AI we will help your organization beat to the same heart.


Create a bench mark across the entire nursing ecosystem, see how teams are feeling, patients are reacting and how your entire Hospital is feeling

Better Management of Social

Develop internal social media / recognition platform that creates better visibility into employee sentiment


Measure patient satisfaction real-time and reports when you need them

Insightful Knowledge

Collect and report on sites that patients leave details of their experience in your Hospital. Be informed about what people are saying so you can provide better learnings

Intelligent Reminders

Have Becky keep you in the know and communicating with your team. Gentle reminders that keep you in touch with your team by helping you communicate when its important

Sentiment Scoring

Measure through words, actions, postings and even emoji how your teams are feeling in real time