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Rounding Revamped!

Turn rounding into an incubator for staff engagement! No more stale paper rounding logs that sit on a desk in a binder or clunky eSurvey tool that provides data but no insights.

  • OrendX allows collection of patient and staff rounding data in an easy to use and fully-customizable mobile tool that links feedback to individual care providers.
  • OrendX allows leaders to capture the sentiment of the patient and use it as a vehicle to facilitate positive recognition of care providers.
  • OrendX allows for on-the-fly feedback and turns data into insights!

Recognition Beats Rewards!

  • Research shows positive recognition is an intrinsic reward that drives employee motivation day-to-day.
  • Rewards are simply extrinsic motivators that only marginally improve employee performance in the short-term.
  • OrendX makes recognizing employees in real-time easy and fun! OrendX includes a social aspect to recognition which facilitates team connectedness and improves manager-staff relationships.
  • Meaningful recognition through OrendX builds purpose for an employee, promotes compassion satisfaction, and helps employees realize their relevance in the organization.

Stay Connected

  • Papers stuck to a bulletin board only reach the employees who pass by the board and actually have time to stop and read it.
  • OrendX modernizes the old-fashioned bulletin board and allows for wide-spread dissemination of information in a fun, tech-enabled manner.
  • Recognition passed through the app automatically populates on the bulletin board allowing other staff to like and comment which promotes collaboration and the sense of team
  • Push alerts can be sent from the bulletin board for important announcements – never let important info get lost in an email-abyss again!