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The Problem

  • Nurses report the highest stress levels of any profession
  • 15% of nurses are actively disengaged in their work
  • Direct care nurses are the least engaged
  • Nurses report less favorable perceptions of leadership than other disciplines

What We Know

  • Nurses deliver more care than any other clinical discipline
  • 62% of nurses aged 54 and older indicate they will retire in the next 3 years
  • Demand is outpacing supply 2:1
  • Nurses’ intent to remain employed is most influenced by passion for the work they do and relationship with front-line manager

Engagement is Key!

Highly engaged nurses are 87% less likely to leave their organization. Disengagement is expensive. The average 400-bed hospital loses $1.6M annually due to disengaged nurses.

Engagement is proven to:

  • Have the strongest impact on complication and mortality rates.
  • Reduce compassion fatigue
  • Reduce burn-out and turnover
  • Improve organizational outcomes

Orendx is a new way to approach employee engagement!

Orendx is a mobile-enabled technology platform used to:

  • Capture experience data linked to individual caregivers
  • Facilitate positive meaningful recognition
  • Foster social connectedness and collaboration in the work unit
  • Utilize technology to automate manual processes